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Focused on the 5 E's


Aundré has always worked across the aisle to get things done, but he's never been afraid to speak up for what he believes in - especially when it comes to fighting for the people of our district. As your voice in Hartford, Aundre is focused on the 5 E's:

 Economic Recovery  - Global inflation has hit our communities hard, with our working- and middle-classes bearing the worst of the impacts. With our recovery from COVID-19 ongoing, we must take this opportunity to make smart, targeted investments like job training programs, continue supporting innovations like our Paid Family Leave program, and keep cutting taxes for our most vulnerable.

 Environmental Quality  - Our communities' position on the shoreline is a wonderful asset, but with the impacts of climate change worsening, it's also a liability. While we continue working towards a carbon-free economy, we must also hold polluters accountable, mitigate the damage a rising sea level can cause, and ensure that everyone has clean air and water, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

 Ethics Reform  - Our elected leaders should hold themselves to a higher standard, but when they don't, we need to make sure they're held accountable. Holding the trust of the public is essential to a government that works for everyone, and in Connecticut, there's no place for politicians or lobbyists who game the system for personal gain.

 Energy Affordability  - Energy prices around the world have skyrocketed, but we can't let global conditions be an obstacle to solving our problems. We've done a good job helping our working-class families and senior with ideas like the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program, but there are still families who earn just a little too much, but could still use a helping hand. We must fill those cracks in the system, and continue investing in more affordable, cleaner energy.


 Educational Excellence  - Education is the key to solving so many of the problems we face, systemic issues like racism, poverty, and income inequality. We must bring our schools into the 21st century, make the investments our kids deserve, pay teachers like the professionals they are, reward innovative thinking in education, and give parents a say in how we do it.


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